Grainline Studio Scout Tee Pattern Review - Fabric, French Seams, and Hacks

My mom loved my Shirt No 1 that I sewed earlier this spring. She requested one for herself for her birthday.

When we were fitting the muslin for the Shirt No 1 on her I could tell she didn’t really like the sleeves and how they fell on her arms and puckered in the armpits. I did some research and fell in love the with Scout Tee from Grainline Studio. It is a simple shirt made with woven fabrics. It has a separate slightly gathered sleeve. It can be easily hacked into a dress or tank top. It is a perfect pattern to keep in your stash!



I was thrilled to go to Sew to Speak with her to pick out fabric. She picked out the Brussels Washer Yarn Dyed fabric in Heliotrope. Brussels Washer is one of my favorite fabrics to work with. I have a Zadie in the exact same fabric!

We only needed 1.5 yards to make her shirt. I have enough left over to make a small project for my daughter. Sewing can be expensive, but this shirt paired with this fabric is a great project if your budget is tight!

When choosing a fabric I do suggest a drapey lightweight fabric fabric. This is not a pattern that I would do with quilting cotton. Linen, rayon, silk, lawn, and other similar fabrics would work well for this pattern.

French Seams


I sewed the entire shirt with French seams. They are a gorgeous way to finish seams in garments. Check out my blog post for more details about when to use French seams and how to sew them!

The french seams did get a little tricky for attaching the sleeves. Just make sure that whenever you are joining french seams to not stack the seams. One folds to the left and the other to the right when lining up a seam.



I made my mom a size 12 muslin out of an old sheet. It fit really well and there were no alterations to be made, which was very surprising to the both of us! I’ve never sewn a muslin that needed no alterations before.

When I finished the garment and she tried it on we both agreed that she should maybe go down a size for future shirts. (She requested more of them and a dress version.)

Possible Hacks

Instagram is my favorite place to find inspiration for pattern hacks. If you search the pattern hack hashtag for nearly any pattern you can find so many creative spins on a pattern. Below are just some of my favorites.

dress I love this hack where solder_and_soil added a gathered skirt to make it into a dress.

petal These petal sleeves that Rebecca from thorvald_quilts made are super cute!

shift Sew_isa_sew added some added length and ease in the hips. It is such a flattering shift dress.

flutters sewbassoon made it into a peplum top and added some really fun sleeves.

Overall Thoughts


This was a great pattern. It was straightforward and a pretty quick sew. Great for beginners and so hackable! My sister and I just cut out this pattern for her to make a pajama top and I’m thinking about turning it into a shift dress with a waist tie with some gorgeous double gauze fabric that I have. So many possibilities! A 10/10 in my book.

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