Scout Tee Dress Sewing Hack

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Scout Tee by Grainline Studio Hacked into a Simple Summer Dress

A simple breathable summer dress is my favorite summer wardrobe staple and this dress in particular is one of my favorites. My Scout Tee Dress is a simple hack from the Scout Tee from Grainline Studio.

After I made a Scout Tee for my mom I knew I wanted to make more. The Scout Tee pattern from Grainline Studio is one of my favorites. When I first started sewing I never thought I would purchase such a simple pattern. I found that it is such a well drafted pattern that fits wonderfully. I also love the flexibility that such a simple pattern has! I find that I can be more creative with my sewing practice and use this as a jumping off point for future projects.


woman sitting on patio wearing blue double gauze dress

I love wearing dresses in the summer. They are effortless and put together all at the same time. I love dresses that are flowy and still allow me to be on the move and comfortable. I don’t want to worry about sliding straps, weird sunburn lines, it being uncomfortably tight. I just want to feel comfortable and confident.

The scout tee has a great fit. I love how the neckline lays and the sleeves are the perfect size for some shoulder coverage. I don’t have a particularly curvy body, so I thought I could just lengthen the bodice and add a waist tie and it would be perfect!


rumpled piece of double gauze fabric in denim color

If you make the Scout Tee you definitely want something drapey. I’ve used Robert Kaufman’s Brussels Washer before, but for the ultimate and comfortable summer dress I wanted to try using double gauze.

Baby blankets, swaddles, and pajamas are usually made out of double gauze because it is seriously SO SOFT. It is buttery and breathable all at the same time. It does have a bit of a wrinkled and bubbly look to it, but I think it gives it some character. It makes a gorgeous loungey dress. I would not make a formal dress out of it.

Scout Tee Dress Pattern Hack

lengthened scout tee pattern pieces layer out on fabric

My hack for this dress was super simple. I made sure I was making a size that would accommodate my hips and I just simply added 15 inches to the bottom. I followed the same curve as the top downward, but I didn’t make any extra adjustments to make more room for my hips. With my body shape I knew I didn’t need to.

If you are more curvy, you could try angling the sides out more to accommodate your hips. Just make sure that your hip measurement fits the pattern pieces you cut out plus some ease.

I cut out a size 12 and I was able to fold my 52 inch fabric so I could cut both main pieces out of one big piece of fabric, instead of having to lay my pieces end to end. This really helps cut down on the length of fabric that I needed to purchase. I still have to cut out the sleeves and the tie, but I could have made this dress with only 1.5 yards!

waist tie close up on scout tee dress

To cut out the waist tie I simply just cut two 4 inch wide strips of fabric in the area where I found the most remaining fabric. I sewed the two long rectangles together and then folded over sewed a long tube. Turned the tube rightside out, ironed flat, and added stitching along each side. My tie ended up being around 1.5 yards in length. If I made this dress again, I would try to make a wider waistband.

Final Thoughts

standing in garden in front of house with double gauze blue scout tee dress

I just want to live in this dress. It has perfect coverage and I love the length. I feel like I can move around in it. I’m never worried that my dress has come up in the back or that the front of my shirt is gaping when I bend over. I took photos with my sister in 85 degree weather and I never felt uncomfortable.

bending down in garden with scout tee dress hack

My daughter asks to go outside to play as soon as she wakes up. I need clothes that I can still live my life in. I need to be able to run down the sidewalk, sit on the patio, water the garden, and weed the flower beds. Not a lot of dresses check all the boxes, but this dress does!

Two Years Later Update

This still remains one of my favorite summer dresses. Can I just live in double gauze during the summer?

If I could make any changes to this dress, I would probably add some slits on the side seams. The dress can be a little tight when crouching down or moving around with my kids. A minor change, but would make the dress just slightly more comfortable.

Make Your Own Scout Tee Dress? Please Share!

If you end up making your own Scout Tee dress, please share! I love seeing what other sewing creatives are doing. You can find me on Instagram or you can comment below!

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