How to Sew an Eight Point Star Quilted Pillow Cover

Eight Pointed Star Quilted Pillow Cover


I love a good pillow cover. It is one of my favorite blog posts to write! They are great for changing out home decor for the different seasons/holidays and they are a great project for using up extra scrap fabric.


I made a set of Ohio Star Quilt Block pillows last spring. They were so fun to pull together and a great beginner quilting project!

I love the simple star shaped quilt blocks, which is why I wanted to make a set of post-holiday winter pillows with the classic eight pointed star. I love the way they turned out!


I wrote this pattern for an 18” pillow. If you have a slightly smaller pillow, you can change the size of the border pieces for a quick and simple pattern change.



You will need two different fabrics for your star and a background fabric.

I used Robert Kaufman Essex (linen & cotton blend) in shale and berry for the star and part of an old curtain that I was no longer using for the background.

It is important to try to match fabric weights for this pillow. Any quilting cotton or mid weight fabric is a great choice!

Cut List

Eight Point Star Blocks - Half Square Triangles

Star Fabric 1: cut four 4.25” squares

Star Fabric 2: cut four 4.25” squares

Background: cut four 4.25” squares AND four 3.5” squares


Star Fabric 1: two 15” x 1.5” rectangles

Star Fabric 2: two 15.5” x 1.5” rectangles

Background: two 12.5” x 1.5” rectangles, two 15” x 1.5” rectangles, four 1.5” x 1.5” squares, two 20.5” x 1.5” rectangles, two 22.5” x 1.5” rectangles

Envelope Pillow Back

Background: two 18.5” x 12” rectangles

Piecing Eight Pointed Star


Making the Half Square Triangles

Make 2 HSTs (half square triangles) with star 1 and star 2 fabric.

Make 2 HSTs with star 1 and 4.25” background fabric.

Make 2 HSTs with star 2 and 4.25” background fabric.

Press seams open and trim each block to 3.5” squares

Arrange your squares as shown in the diagram below:


HST with star fabrics are in the center, HST with star fabrics and background color are in the middle top, bottom, left, and right, and 3.5” background squares are in the corners.

Piecing Together the Squares


Take each row of squares and piece them together with ¼ inch seam allowance. This will make four rows of piece squares.

Press each seam open.

Piece together the four rows to create your eight pointed star quilt block. Press all seams open and give it a good press on both sides! Trim the block to 12.5”x12.5”.

Piecing Border


1.Sew the 12.5” x 1.5” background rectangles to the top and bottom of the star quilt block.


2.Sew the 14.5” x 1.5” background rectangles to the left and right of the star quilt block. Trim to make a 14.5” square. Press seams.


3.Sew the 14.5” x 1.5” rectangles of star fabric 1 to the left and right sides of the blocks.


4.Sew a 1.5” background square to each side of the 14.5” x 1.5” rectangles of star fabric 2.


5.Sew the rectangles you just made in step 4 to the top and bottom of the quilt block. Press and trim to make a 16.5” square.


6.Sew the 16.5” x 1.5” background rectangles to the left and right sides of the quilt block.


7.Sew the 18.5” x 1.5” background rectangles to the top and bottom of the quilt block. Press and trim to make a 18.5” square.

Reminder - It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect!

If you got to the end and your quilt block isn’t exactly 18.5” or perhaps your quilt pieces don’t exactly line up in the cornerst, take a deep breath, it’s okay. Pillow covers can be really forgiving as far as sizing. If your quilt block is a little small, your pillow will just seem a bit more full.

If this is also one of your first quilting projects, celebrate what you made and learned along the way!

Quilting Pillow Top Sandwich


I always like to utilize scrap fabric for the backs of my quilted pillow tops. They sit inside the pillow, are never seen, and a great way to utilize leftover fabric. Cut your quilt backing just a bit bigger than the quilted pillow top, ~ 19” x 19”.

Place the quilt backing right side down on your table. Place a piece of quilt batting around the same size as the background fabric down next. Then finally place your quilted pillow top in the center.

Double check that there aren’t any wrinkles in your fabric or batting and secure the quilt sandwich together with some pins.

Marking & Quilting the Pillow Top


Feel free to quilt your pillow top in any way that you would like! I like to try to find a way to quilt the pillow top that complements the quilt block. I did diagonal quilting lines that alternated between one and two lines. I really like how it turned out!

I marked my first diagonal lines through the center. Then I marked my next quilting line 1” away from the centerline. Then I marked the next line ¼” away from that line. Then repeated with 1” and ¼” spacing between lines.

I brought it to my sewing machine and quilted the lines that I marked.

Assemble Into Envelope Pillow


For a more in depth description of how to make an envelope pillow, check out my other blog post here.

To assemble an envelope pillow, fold and press ¼” to one of the 18.5” sides of each pillow back. Fold and press ½” to the same side to create a hem. The hemmed side is the middle of your pillow. Sew to secure the hem.

Place pillow backs right side together with quilted pillow top, make sure hemmed edges overlap.

Sew pillow backs and pillow top together with a 1/4 “ seam allowance. Finish edges with serger, overcast, or zigzag stitch.

Turn pillow right side out and enjoy!


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