Wiksten Smock Top & Dress - Sewing Pattern Review

At the time of writing this blog post, Wiksten Patterns is on maternity leave. There are no available links to her patterns on her website, so I linked my local sewing store’s links to her patterns. Feel free to check out her website, she may be back when you are reading this post!

It is no secret that I love sewing for my daughter. Kids’ clothes are so fun to sew. They are quick and don’t require that much fabric. (For this top, I used leftover double gauze from my Scout Tee Hack Dress!


Wiksten sewing patterns are a staple in the indie sewing community. The Wiksten Shift Dress is a beginner favorite and they also have incredible knitting patterns as well. Of course I fell in love with the Wiksten Smock Top & Dress as soon as I saw a sample in my local sewing store, Sew to Speak.

Overall Construction


The Wiksten Smock Top & Dress has an interesting construction, unlike any I’ve ever seen. I think it is quite clever, gives the top/dress a unique look, and it is incredibly functional and comfortable for my daughter. What is there not to love?


The top/dress is constructed with a front panel, two side panels that include large easy to access pockets, and the back is two pieces sewn together.


Some children’s dresses have zipper closures or buttons down the back. Zippers can be a little itchy and buttons on the back can be uncomfortable for naps and diaper changes. This simple opening with one small button at the top makes this top come on and off easy and doesn’t have any of the issues that I have with zippers and multiple buttons.

I also love that the top neckline is gathered which gives the body plenty of room to move with the little one.

The Best Feature - POCKETS


By far, the best feature of this pattern is the pockets. My daughter is almost two and has fallen in love with pockets. Like cries when she finds out her shorts don’t have pockets. These pockets are roomy and are so easy to access.


When she wore this for the first time, everything went in the pockets. Crayons, rocks, small toys, leaves. She loved that she could easily carry around all of her treasures. Such a simple and great addition to this garment.

My Daughter’s Favorite Piece of Clothing


Whenever my daughter picks out her outfit for the day, she always picks this top if it is available. It is roomy, functional, and the double gauze is buttery soft on her skin.

This is a huge shift, because I sewed her two adorable Geranium Dresses out of RK Brussels Washer this spring and she still hasn’t worn either of them.

I am currently in the process of sewing her the dress version of this top. I will be sure to post a link to a future blog post about the dress version as well!

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