Create Your Own Face Pots - With Suggestions for Faces and Plants

One of my new favorite trends is the potted plants that have faces on the pots and the plant looks like hair. It is so creative and hilarious.

This year we built a new garden. I’ve gone to the local garden store nearly every week, I wanted this same look but after all of my recent purchases I didn’t really want to splurge for the fun pots that I fell in love with.


terracotta pots

I decided to make my own out of a simple terracotta pot. Terracotta pots may be hard to come by in early spring when everyone is starting to garden for the season, but they are usually available at nearly any hardware or gardening store. They are very popular for a reason!



One of my favorite places to shop is Groovy Plants Ranch. It is about 30 minutes north of 270 in Columbus, Ohio. It is such a fun place full of unique plants. If you’re not in Ohio, no worries! They ship!

They have an entire greenhouse with just houseplants. I found these two plants and fell in love with them for the pots. They are Peperomia ‘Napoli Nights’ and Peperomia Orba ‘Pixie Lime’.

Some other good ideas for plants would be a plant that vines, so they would look like longer hair:

*Oakleaf Creeping Fig, String of Frogs


*Ceropegia, String of Hearts/Spades/Needles

It would also be fun to get a plant that has more volume and grows a little like a bush:

*Chlorophytum Spider Plant

*Aeonium Irish Bouquet


Succulents of course are always a good idea for house plants:



sketches of faces on pots

If you do a quick Instagram, Pinterest, or Google search you can come up with so many ideas for different faces to draw/paint onto your pot. I threw together a few of my favorites into sketches on my pots. Feel free to use one of these or come up with your own!

sketches of faces on pots

I do suggest sketching out your face on your pot in pencil first. This way you can modify placement and it doesn’t feel quite so permanent. Once you are happy with your sketches you can paint over them or even use a sharpie or paint pen. This should be the quickest part of the project!


face pots on mantel

Now you can enjoy your fun and creative project. The best thing is that if you tire of your pot or your plant outgrows it, you can always paint over the faces for another look or use it as an excuse to buy more plants!

face pots on patio

Just make sure that you research how to care for your plant. Light and water are the two most important things. I love caring for plants and watching how they grow!

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