Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Hi! I’m Theresa, the creative mind behind Joyberry Studios. I am an Enneagram 7 and I get easily distracted with new ideas. I want to use this blog to document my creative journey and share my projects and what I learn along the way. I hope to inspire others to create as well!

Here are 10 things that I think sum up who I am:

  1. I used to be a high school physics teacher, now I am a stay at home mom to a little cutie.

  2. I am from Columbus, Ohio. I moved to the east coast for a few years, but I decided to move back to be closer to family… and to be able to afford a house.

  3. I think about the miso ramen from Little Big Diner in Natick, MA at least twice a week and I miss it so much. No other ramen comes close.

  4. Getting rid of things brings me so much joy. I am a minimalist, but also enthusiastic about craft supplies.

  5. I love the process, smell, and taste of homemade bread. English Muffins are my favorite to make!

  6. I need to get out of the house at least once per day. I really appreciate living next to so many parks and that my neighborhood has such great sidewalks.

  7. When I first met my husband I thought he was totally out of my league, but I was feeling bold and went for it. He is one of my biggest cheerleaders.

  8. I am one of four kids in my family. Two of us are right brained and the other two are left. We all still found our own ways of being creative.

  9. The only reality TV I watch is an occasional episode of The Great British Baking Show.

  10. I really love popcorn, but so do my cats, so I sadly never buy it. If I want popcorn, we all have to eat popcorn…