Spring and Easter Stencils - Eco-Conscious Craft for Kids

I love being able to add seasonal items to my daughter’s craft table. Whether it is fun stickers, coloring pages, or making collages with things we find outside. These stencils were a great way to add a bit of spring and Easter into our daily routine.


My daughter is only two, but she still enjoys scribbling in these stencils. She also enjoys when I trace them out and she gets to color in the eggs or add faces to the bunnies. Kids could also make big collages. A field filled with flowers and bunnies would be so cute!

An Eco-Conscious Seasonal Craft


I am a sucker for seasonal crafts and making our home feel special for the changing of seasons and holidays. As the years go on the amount of decor and activities can quickly become a bit overwhelming.

These stencils are a perfect eco-conscious seasonal craft for your kids to enjoy. If you make them out of cardstock or an old cereal box (like I did). You won’t feel any remorse tossing them into the recycling at the end of the season.

Less clutter and less things to store is always a win in my book.

I love looking at the crafting section at JoAnns or Target. The wood cutouts for kids to paint, foam bunnies to glue together, and other crafts are cute, but I never purchase them because I know that at the end of the season they will be going in the trash.

Instead, I opt for crafts like these stencils.

How to Make The Stencils


Download PDF or SVG Files for Free!

The PDF and SVG files for these Easter and Spring stencils are in my freebies library, which you can gain access to by subscribing to my email list! Once you sign up you will get an email with a link to the freebies library.

If you don’t feel like downloading the files I made, you can draw out your own stencils.

Cricut or Glowforge - SVG File


To get the most clean look you can easily cut these out on a Cricut or Glowforge. I cut a few out of ⅛” plywood. They look nice, but it is hard to get colored pencils into the smaller corners and the stems of the flowers. They are also not recyclable and I will probably store them for next season.

I suggest you cut them out of heavy cardstock or chipboard.

Because this is also a vector file you can also easily change the size of the stencils as well! I found that little ones like the bigger stencils with more room to scribble and older children may enjoy smaller sizes that they can piece together to make a collage.

Cut out by Hand - PDF File


If you don’t have a cutting machine, don’t worry! You can still easily cut these stencils out by hand.

You can directly print them onto cardstock and cut them out or you can trace them onto something thicker, like the cereal box I used here!


A cereal box is the perfect thickness for these stencils and you can easily throw it in recycling after the season. (Less clutter, YAY!) I just used a pen and traced over the images. This left a faint indent in the box that I could then use as my guide when I was cutting.

When cutting them out I suggest poking a hole in the middle and making a few cuts from the center to the edges of the stencil, then trying to cut the actual stencil out. Making a little room for the scissors helps the paper not tear.

If you want a different size for the stencil, just simply change the scale when printing!



I hope you enjoy these fun stencils! If you have any request for future seasonal crafts, please let me know! These were fun to create and I hope to make more designs in the future.

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