Paint Your Own Front Doormat Without Bleeds

I’ve been doing a few things to help spruce up our front porch a bit. We got some fun hanging baskets from Groovy Plants Ranch. The leaves feel a bit like succulent leaves, and the flowers have been great and blooming ever since!


I also painted my front door from a deep red to a fun pop of blue.

Next up on my list was replacing our four year old front door mat. You couldn’t even see the design in it or read the “welcome” phrase anymore. It was time for a refresh.

Shopping Online

A trend I’ve seen is a small rug placed under a front door mat. I do think this looks cute, but my porch isn’t covered and with the low maintenance that I want, it just wouldn’t work for us.

There are also a lot of fun door mats with catchy phrases, like “it’s always happy hour around here” or “we hope you brought wine & dog treats”. These are fun, but not my style.

I just wanted something that was simple and geometric. I couldn’t really find it. So I decided to DIY.

Stenciled Door Mats

When researching how to paint door mats, there were a lot of people who used stencils to put those fun phrases or designs into their mats. I noticed that a lot of these stenciled projects didn’t come out with crisp lines and they had issues with bleeding.

I tried searching for awhile, but I couldn’t seem to find a bleedproof way to use a stencil on a mat like this.There is a reason for this. The mat is made of stiff fibers that are not at all even. It is next to impossible to get a good seal on the fibers to make a bleed proof stencil.

Instead of hoping for the best, I took another route and just straight up hand painted my mat. Let me walk you through the details.



*Doormat (I got this one from Target *Exterior Grade Latex Paint (leftovers from our door) *Paintbrush *Painters Tape

Painting Technique


I wanted a simple geometric design that was fun, but not too loud. I decided on doing a geometric border with some simple lines.


To make sure my first line was even and straight, I used painters tape as a guide around the outside. I placed a piece of tape so it just touched the edge of the doormat and I painted the exterior border line with a small flat edge craft brush right next to the tape.

Be sure to leave space on the sides. You don’t want to paint right to the edge. I just eyeballed it and filled in any missing spaces later.


I wanted space between the exterior and interior borders so I could paint the smaller lines. I laid two pieces of tape against the exterior border to paint the interior border.


Painting the perpendicular smaller lines was a little bit of winging. I painted an angled line in the corner first and then filled in the rest with lines that I thought were around the same length and spaced evenly apart.

I think just winging it is the best approach here. You have more flexibility to plan ahead. When I got close to another corner, I started in that corner and worked backwards. That way I didn’t have two lines that were super close or far apart.

Final Project


Overall, I am so happy with how this project turned out. I love how this front door mat is bigger than most (almost 2’x3’), I was able to customize it to my style, and it still didn’t break the bank ($20!)

This is a super easy way to upgrade any front door mat. You can find the plain ones at almost any store like Target, Walmart, and even Ikea!

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