How to Organize Your Kitchen Sink in Under an Hour

I like to think of myself as a reasonably organized and minimalist person, but sometimes there are just spaces that get away from me. Under my kitchen sink was a perfect example of that.


I never really spend time looking under my kitchen sink. I’m always in a rush whenever I open those doors and the doors close and the mess is hidden, so it’s okay, right?

Turns out whenever I use the sprayer to clean out my sink sometimes a few drops of water drop into the cabinet beneath the sink. I found out by pulling some things out from the back and they were wet, gross.

It needed to be cleaned out. As a stay at home mom, I spend a lot of time at my kitchen sink. Why not spruce up the space that I spend what seems like half my day in? This whole clean and reorganization took less than an hour! Let me walk you through it!


Take Everything Out & Sort

No matter the space you’re cleaning, it always helps to take everything out first and organize it into groups.

This also helps you see what does and does not belong. (Why are there two tubes of caulk under my sink? Why do I have 20 paper bags?)

I found all of my things sorted into towels, cleaning supplies, trash bags, paper bags, brushes, and my fire extinguisher.

At this point too you can also purge or find a new space for things you know you won’t use or that doesn’t make sense to store under the sink. I tossed some cleaners, the Mr. Eraser box, and relocated my plastic bags for recycling to the garage.

Real talk girl talk: if your kitchen sink was full before this organization and you don’t get rid of anything, it will still be a hot mess express after this organization. Clutter (read: too much stuff) is the root cause of most messes. Do your future self a favor and let go of that bottle of cleaner you bought during the beginning of the pandemic that you will never use!



Wipe down the inside of the cabinet. Scrub away any sticky or gross patches. If you’re taking the time to organize, take the extra few minutes to wipe it down! Aren’t your cleaning supplies two feet away from you anyways?



Now take a look at your different piles and see how they can fit together under the sink.


I got these great clear plastic kitchen organizer containers from Target. I think they are great for grouping things together and making the back of the cabinet more accessible.


I store my different towels in one and my cleaning supplies in another. I have a rule that all my cleaning supplies have to fit in this bin. I have to use what I have or purge something if I want something new. This helps keep me in check and prevents me from buying something someone suggested on Instagram.


I have different scrubbing brushes that I use daily. I have two scrubbing brushes for my cast iron (could probably cut it down to one, but it’s okay for now) and I have one for scrubbing bottles and my daughters yogurt pouches. I don’t want to keep them on the counter, and they are usually wet when I want to put them away. Storing them in these mason jars allows them to dry while they are put away! Win win!


I contemplated getting rid of the trash bag box, but it is so convenient that the roll spins when I want a bag, so it’s staying! I paired down to a few bags of different sizes and my fire extinguisher is going in the back. I can now easily grab it!

Bonus: Tidy Up Your Sink


I have a white kitchen sink, which easily gets a grimy coat over it. I just scrub it with baking soda. (It’s cheap and always in my pantry!) This is always a satisfying and easy clean


I also think it looks a lot better if your soaps and dish scrubber have a little home. I sit them on this little dish that I got from Target in the bathroom section. I didn’t link it because I actually don’t recommend it. It has already chipped in several places and stained. But I like the overall look!



Hopefully you can get your kitchen sink to a point where you feel like it works well for you and you know where everything is and it’s all easy to access! I’ve had mine organized for a few days and I’m proud to say that it still looks like these pictures!

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