How to Make an Easter Garland - With Materials You Have Around the House

Who doesn’t love a quick, simple, and fun way to decorate for the holidays?

We spend a lot of time in our great room and kitchen. When looking into the great room from the kitchen you get a full view of our mantel. After decorating it a few weeks ago, I feel like it is really starting to shine.

During Thanksgiving and Christmas I have two different buntings that I hang from the mantel. They are so fun and I wanted to do something similar for Easter.


I’ve been making quite a few Easter basket tags that I sell on my Etsy. I love these cute little bunnies and I thought they would be adorable as a garland!



  • scissors
  • glue
  • pom poms
  • yarn
  • small book or box
  • bunny cut outs

Make the Bunnies


You can purchase a direct download of my SVG Easter files and cut some yourself on a Cricut, Glowforge, or similar machine.


Or you can save the image above and print it out and use it as a template to cut out the bunnies from paper.

Once you’ve cut out your bunnies you can glue some pom poms on for tails. I used some of these pom pom trim that I got at my local fabric store, Sew to Speak. They have similar options at Target and other craft stores.

Begin Assembling your Hanging Garland


Take your yarn and measure out a piece that will span where you want to put the garland. Make sure to give it the string a little slack. You can always make it shorter, you can’t make it longer.

Tie knots on each end to prevent your yarn from fraying. String your little bunnies onto the string and place them where you would like them to be on the final garland.

Make the Tassels


For each tassel, cut an extra ~8 inch piece of yarn. This will be the yarn that you wrap around the tassel.

To make the tassel take your small book or box and wrap your yarn around it 15 times. You can do more or less wraps to change the fluffiness of your tassel. Cut all of the wraps of yarn on one side of your box/book. You should be left with strands of yarn that are all around the same length.


Overlap this bunch of yarn with your garland main string where you would like the tassel to be placed. Double check that the ends aren’t lopsided.


Take your ~8 inch piece of yarn and use it to tie a knot right below the garland main string. (This helps keep it in place.) Continue to wrap the yarn around the tassel until just small pieces of yarn remain. Tie them off with 2-3 knots and clip the ends.

Repeat until all of your tassels are made!

Hanging Your Garland


If you’re interested in hanging garlands under your mantel, or over a bookshelf, or in another spot in your home more than once I think installing eye hooks is a great idea.

They are small screws that go into wood that make hanging garlands super easy. I installed two on each end of my mantel. I also think they are small enough that I don’t really see them when they’re not in use.

You could also use command hooks, like these, if you are looking for a less permanent hanging option.

Tie a knot a few times around the first eye hook. When you go to hang the other side you might find you have more slack than you originally planned for. The extra weight of the bunnies and tassels can stretch out the yarn. Tie it on the other side and trim the yarn if you want.



You’re done! I think this is a super fun decor piece that you may already have the supplies for and stores easily for next year!