9 Ways to Incorporate Spring Into Your Home: A Frugal & Minimalist Approach

After the holidays I’m ready for spring. February just about kills me. It is dark, cold, gray, and I’m over wearing thick socks. I want to run outside without shoes and to feel some sunshine.

Towards the end of February I start to get hints of the upcoming spring. The sound of birds chirping in the morning and melting snow restores a new hope in me. When the first warm day hits I am overwhelmed with excitement.

When it comes to decorating for any time of the year I have two guiding philosophies:

keep the spending and the clutter to a minimum.

I like to decorate by setting an overall mood for the house. I pack away anything that is associated with winter and bring out hints of the lighter and warmer months. I also like to incorporate the season in consumables (food, fun soaps) that I won’t have to store for the majority of the year.

Spring is more than plastic easter eggs and pastels. It is fresh air coming through the windows, the smell of blooming flowers, and the taste of the first good berry of the season. Keep this in mind when you want to decorate for spring!


1.Replace the blankets and pillow covers with ones that are lighter in colors and in fabric weight.

I have a fall/winter and spring/summer rotation for our blankets and pillows. I make all of my own pillow covers, including the quilted ones above. Since I just have to replace the covers they are easy to store in the off season. It is so much easier than buying whole new pillows!

Etsy has a ton of pillow covers to check out or you can make your own. I wrote a blog post about how to make a simple zippered pillow case . It is a great first sewing project!

I like to pair these pillows with this light knit blanket from IKEA. I’ve also been dreaming about making a light double gauze quilt. It would be perfect for snuggling during warmer months.


2. Take all of the cold weather clothes & gear, wash it, and store it away.

This doesn’t have to be anything special. Just go through all of your hats, gloves, sweaters, coats, and big socks. Donate what you didn’t use, organize it, and tuck it away.

Boots and jackets can also be stored in the back of bedroom closets if there is room. I want my tank tops, shorts, sandals, lighter jackets, sun glasses, and baseball hats to be front and center in my front hall and bedroom closet during the warmer months.


3. Replace the heavy and cozy winter bedding with things that are more light for summer.

In the fall, I love putting on my set of flannel sheets and the heavy weight of my wool blanket. It is the quintessential cozy warm bed during chilly nights.

In the spring I strip the bed, wash everything (yes, even the pillows), store it in the linen closet, and pull out my crisp white sheets. It feels light, clean, and cool.

If it is still getting chilly at night, you can always keep a blanket at the edge of the bed to pull over yourself at night.


4. Add life: greenery & flowers.

When I look out my window on a gloomy February day, all I see is brown. Contrasting that against the bright luscious green that happens after repeated spring rains makes spring feel extra special.

Bring some of that greenery inside with you. It can be as simple as clipping some flowers from outside. Even bright green leaves off of branches look nice in a vase.

Faux florals are becoming popular as they become more and more realistic. You can also go this route and it may be necessary in early spring when things haven’t bloomed yet. Be aware that bright faux flowers most likely won’t be on display in November and will need to be stored.


5. Place seasonal food out as decor.

This may seem a little silly, but hear me out. I like some seasonal decor, but I find that it can quickly overwhelm my basement in the off season. I love to decorate with things that I know I will eat and use up. It then has two purposes and won’t sit in my basement unused for the majority of the year.

When you purchase some fresh berries, think about putting them out in a berry bowl or maybe you make some Easter themed puppy chow and put it in a nice glass jar on the counter.

If you are scanning the grocery store and you see some food or produce that just radiates spring, bring it home and display it for a bit before you eat it.


6.Add color with bright colored wall art.

This is an easy and fun way to decorate for the seasons. Simply change out some of your art for something more vibrant and colorful.

There are plenty of free printables online, you could make your own art, or you can support an independent designer by purchasing art on Etsy.


One artist that I’ve recently fallen in love with is Sabina Fenn. Her watercolor artwork is absolutely gorgeous and so fun.


7. Reset your outdoor space

During the winter we cover our patio furniture. It helps protect it when we aren’t using it. When spring arrives we uncover it and it usually needs some work.

Be sure to wash any patio furniture covers that you may have. You can also give your furniture a spray down if it seems dirty.

You may also want to research resealing wood or metal on your furniture if it is looking a little worn. Patio furniture can be expensive and you want it to last as long as possible!

Think about how you want your outdoor space to serve you. We love eating meals outside during the warmer months and hosting on our patio. This summer we are investing in a pizza oven, so I’m going to make a table for it. Maybe you also find some fun outdoor serving plates or cups. Anything to make the space feel special!

Spring is also a great time to spruce up your landscaping. We are mulching this year, planting a garden, and adding a few more plants and trees to our yard. (When planting try to also think about plants that you can easily clip to bring inside to decorate with.)


8. Enjoy the season through other senses: taste & smell.

Celebrate the changing weather with indulging in your favorite warmer weather foods. I love soups, but I’m ready for a break!

I can’t wait to have yogurt parfaits with fresh berries out on my patio in the morning. Think of the first outing to get ice cream. Maybe you love strawberry rhubarb pie? Whatever it is, go for it and really enjoy it!

I also like to change over the few scents that I use in our home to more energizing ones. I like to make our foaming handsoap with Dr. Bonner’s eucalyptus soap. Maybe you diffuse one of your favorite essential oils or light a candle that reminds you of spring!


9. Open the windows.

When I think about my quintessential spring moment, it is sitting in a sunbeam in my great room, feeling a breeze rush over my skin, and smelling the blooming lilac bush outside of our windows.

Spring is full of rain showers and blooming flowers. Let those scents and some fresh air into your home by opening up the windows.

It feels so good to air out the house after a long stuffy winter.