Learn the Basics of Sewing Garments with a Geranium Dress.

Do you have inspiration for sewing your own clothes? Maybe some clothes for a little one? If so, figuring out where to start can be daunting and it seems like there is such a big learning curve.

The first garment I ever sewed was a Geranium Dress from Made-By-Rae. This dress taught me so much and gave me the confidence to tackle other projects.


If you are new to garment sewing, I think the Geranium Dress is a great pattern to start with. Hear me out.

  1. Clothes for babies barely use any fabric and therefore are cheap and quick to sew. Made-By-Rae even made a newborn size Geranium dress for free on her website. It is so small you could probably use the fabric from an old pillowcase and it would be enough. Your first sewing project could be free!

  2. This pattern has so much that you can learn and has a lot of flexibility in what you can incorporate into the pattern. It is easily customizable, so you can focus on whatever skills you want to master!

  3. Sewing a dress for a child is a common project. There are a lot of sewalong videos on Youtube that walk you through a very similar process. (In the video in the link someone is using a serger, you don’t have to!)

  4. Once you are done, you can donate the dress to someone in need!